New Arrivals

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The following is a list of items that have come in most recently and may not reflect current availability.

Feel free to contact us regarding specific items.


Coral Fish Inverts
acropora ULTRA

acropora green

green kryptonie trumpet

meteorshower  cyphastrea

hollywood stunner chalice

green flowerpot coral

red and green favia

purple branching frogspawn

green cap montipora

red cap montipora

superman montipora

green birdsnest

zoanthid super bright

dragons breath (macro algae)

acan frags


pink watchman goby/ shrimp pair

solorensis fairy wrasse

flame angel

blond naso tang

orchid dottyback

arc-eye hawkfish

klein’s butterfly fish

orange spot watchman goby

rainford goby

purple firefish

long-nose hawkfish

yellow clown goby

designer clownfish

molly miller blenny



emerald crab

cleaner shrimp

fire shrimp

tuxedo urchin

turbo snail

margarita snails

nassarius snail

pistol shrimp










Plants Fish Inverts
balansae cryptocoryne


java fern

moss balls

wendtii cryptocoryne























halfmoon betta male

german blue ram

white cloud danio

odessa barb

green severums

neon tetra (import)

bleeding heart tetra

australian ranbowfish

creamsicle mollies

sparkling gouramis

fancy guppy

weather loach

albino corydora

sterbai corydora

bumblebee catfish

blue convict cichlid

peacock gudgeon

black neon tetra

TRUE siamese algae eater









mystery snails

mexican ORANGE dwarf crayfish

mexican BLUE dwarf crayfish

yellow fire shrimp

red cherry shrimp

electric blue crayfish

yellow rabbit snail




















Plants Frogs
coming soon ! ranitomeya variabilis ‘southern’

ameerega trivittatta ‘red’

ameerega trivittatta ‘green’

ranitomeya benedicta ‘shucushuyacu’

ranitomeya amazonica ‘french guiana’

phyllobates aurotaenia ‘yellow’



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